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Isami Gi

Isami has been trading since 1932 and it is due to their outstanding attention to detail and superior construction techniques that Sosai Masutatsu Oyama worked with them when he set about designing the perfect gi. 

The jacket is constructed out of 12oz. cotton with a generous cut around the shoulders to allow the wearer sufficient movement when punching and blocking. 
The pants are constructed out of 10oz cotton; the lighter material and looser design allow the user a full range of movement when kicking. 

When you first unwrap your gi from its plastic prison you will notice that the material is yellow in colour and stiff, this is due to the it being unbleached; a factor that gives the material a longer life as it has not been broken down by harmful chemicals in the finishing process. Fear not, the gi will soon lose its yellow hue and become more supple and mould to your body shape as you wear and wash it. 

In regards to washing your gi, many buy them a little larger (please refer to the size charts) as the jacket shrinks vertically by 7% and horizontally by 5%, whereas the pants shrink vertically by 12% and horizontally by 3%. 

Height (cm) 160165175180185


Train with the best; wear the best!

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